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Local Floral Designer Receives Coveted Industry Designation

Monday, August 10th, 2015

BALTIMORE (July 2015) – Wenonah Marlin AIFD, CFD Director of Lilly’s Floral, located in Price Cutter, in Springfield, Mo. was awarded the floral industry’s coveted Accredited in Floral Design designation and was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) during ceremonies on Thursday, July 2 at AIFD’s internationally acclaimed 2015 Symposium “Journey” held June 30-July 4 in Denver, Colo.

A non-profit education association dedicated to the advancement of professional floral design through education and leadership, AIFD Accredited membership is regarded as a high honor in the floral industry. Members are distinguished by the use of the “AIFD” mark as an addendum to their name. They are further considered to be a Certified Floral Designer (CFD).

With over 1,500 members worldwide, AIFD recognizes those who have excelled in their floral design skills. Candidates become accredited by successfully demonstrating their advanced abilities before an international panel of evaluators.

As Director of Floral for Price Cutter/Country Mart, Marlin brings a level of expertise to their floral departments that is unmatched by similar companies in Missouri. President/CEO Erick Taylor comments on this accomplishment and what it brings to their company, “Our team is so very proud of Wenonah and her continuing passion for excellence in the floral industry. Wenonah shares her masterful product knowledge and creative skill with her team of designers at Lilly’s Floral which is consistent with the threshold of excellence that we aspire to achieve companywide.”

The 2016 National Symposium “Inspiration” will be held July 3-7 in Orange County, Calif.

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